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Brooches Fashion Statements And The Start Of The Corset Eyelet

In Europe, pins had long since given way to the broche (brooch) as a fastener to hold clothing together. The brooch, used first much like the modern safety pin, had been turned into a fashion statement, and artisans created them with an ever increasing attention to intricate designs. However, they proved too heavy to be reliable, because of their metal base and the variety of objects added to their surfaces for style, and they proved basically unreliable as fasteners, frequently breaking and coming undone. 

Dissatisfied with the bulky, and to them gaudy, brooches, Athenian women, denied their


historic sewing corset sewing

British Seaman Invents Belt Buckle And Hook-and-eye Fastener

Many of the British, contending daily with the fierce island weather, still preferred clothing with eyelets and string. British seamen, however, faced severe handicaps when all cinched up with string, especially at sea, and even more so in the cold, drenching storms they encountered regularly. During these times, with their clothing water-soaked and weighted down, cold winds numbed their bodies and made it impossible keep warm. And in their frozen, feelingless fingers, buttons proved worthless.   
Sometime in the 17th century, an unknown seaman hit up an grand idea. He replaced the string,...